Supporting Animals Together

Our animals need your help. Delta Humane Society and SPCA does not receive city, state, or federal funding. A lot of our support comes from our wonderful sponsors.  The donations from our sponsors go towards keeping our animals happy, healthy, and safe. Thank you for considering becoming a sponsor! 

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Support Our Current Sponsors

When you make a purchase from one of our fabulous sponsors, it’s like you are supporting us, too! The business you give to our sponsors then comes back around to Delta Humane Society and SPCA as assistance for animals. It’s like playing fetch with a dog… what goes around, comes back around..

The Power of Your Sponsorship

Provide food

Sponsorship helps us get supplies for our animals. Of course, something we need most often is food! With your help, we can feed hundreds of animals.

Medical Care

Each animal that comes to us is given a medical check-up to make sure it is healthy. If medication or treatment is needed, our sponsors help us to provide that care.

Keep the Shelter Up to Date

Over the years, technology changes and things get run down. Our facilities also need general upkeep. With the help of our sponsors, we can provide the best care and environment for our animals for decades to come.

How else can I help?


Whether you donate money or supplies, it all helps the animals at Delta Humane Society SPCA. There are many ways to donate to suit your personal preference and finances. You may make a one-time or recurring donation, donate your unwanted vehicle collecting dust on the driveway, choose us on Amazonsmile when making a purchase, leave a gift in your will or living trust, etc. Visit our donate page for more information.


Volunteer at our shelter and help dogs/cats get the exercise they need and the human contact they thrive on, all while benefiting yourself. Spending time with an animal has been scientifically proven to lower your stress levels and blood pressure. And it’s just a great way to give back!


Do you still want to help an animal, but aren’t ready to make a long term commitment yet? Being an animal foster parent is a short term gig. It’ll be a fun time for you to spend with one of our animals, but you’ll have flexibility when you aren’t watching a foster pet in the future.


Adopting a pet is one of the most important act of kindness you can make. When you adopt, you are saving a life and adding a new member to your family. And you’ll be making room for another animal at the shelter

Ready to Make a Difference for Our Animals?

We are so thankful for your contribution to Delta Humane Society and SPCA!

As a sponsor, you can share with everyone that you are truly an animal lover. Animal enthusiasts will flock to your business because they know you share a similar mindset.

Likewise, we will tell our customers about you! Your sponsorship will go towards improving the lives of many animals.

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